Game of Thrones Scent Box – Transmedia Case Study: PT 2

Game of Thrones Scent Box

This is the second part of my personal spin on Deep Media’s Game of Thrones case study.  If you haven’t read Deep Media yet, I’ll wait while you read.  Go here —>


Ok – now I’ll give you my 2nd favorite snippet:  ” So they decided to introduce a new sense each week. But this led to other problems, starting with how to convey scent on the Internet. The couldn’t, of course. Instead, they turned to a real-world experience: They would make up scent boxes promising, as HBO put it in an accompanying letter, “an immersive experience of the land of Westeros,” where Game of Thrones is set. The boxes would go to a small number of influencers—bloggers, reporters, George Martin fans, and the like. “Open the boxes and there’s a whole world inside,” Coulson told us—parchments, glass vials, and six different scents with instructions on how to combine them. “Mix them together and you’d get the smells of Westeros.”

Lesson learned?  Include items from the physical world.  Billboards, locations, mementos and most importantly living, breathing people (or zombies if you have them)

I have a collection of interesting physical elements on my blog:  As digital becomes ubiquitous, physical becomes noticable…

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