eBay’s Second Screen App – Getting Closer to Compulsive Shopper Nirvana

Late last year eBay entered the 2nd screen market.  Below is a video demo of their app.   Great concept, but still missing a key component:  the ability to purchase the actual clothes, housewares, books or gadgets that I’ve just seen on the screen.  Maybe not the original item – but at least a similar item made by the same product maker.

This highlights the importance of the content producers and/or transmedia producers in the eco-system of 2nd screens. Finding sponsors and/or partners for products in the show and then tagging the media is not something easily done as an afterthought.  Fantastic costumes in your show?  I bet there is someone who would produce contemporized/street ready versions.  Cool gadgets?  The maker communities are alive and flourishing.   However, this eco-system needs to be created earlier in the process – possibly during the development phase.

Although this means more work and complexity up-front, it eventually turn into a win-win for everyone:  consumers  purchase the products they’ve actually seen and want, content producers develop an additional revenue stream (i.e., a portion of the sales  revenue) and the product creators get additional exposure and revenues.  Win-win-win.

Ebay brings us close to this shopper’s nirvana, but not quite there.

A Guide to Convergent Out Of Home

The following presentation is from posterscope (http://www.posterscope.com/)

Yep – it’s kinda long, but well worth taking the time to read.  They did an awesome job of visually representing what is happening in the world of Digital-Out-Of-Home.  Best part (imho) is the re-definition of a screen: basically, projectors allow you to turn anything into a screen.

And, can an argument be made that providing a digital overlay on a physical item is basically creating augmented reality? Me thinks so.

Transmedia marketing in the physical world with digital overlays, NFC, QR codes, Location Based Services, and the list goes on….   This is a great time to be a marketeer.

(click on this link if Slideshare is being funky:  http://www.slideshare.net/Posterscope/guide-to-convergent-outofhome)