The End of TV as We Know It and The Birth of Transmedia

The attached presentation is from Doug Scott and Matt Doherty at Ogilvy Media.

Here is an excerpt from the slide share posting:
“Throughout history, we have told stories. Stories are what connect us across geographies, cultures and experiences; stories demonstrate that we share the same hope, dreams, fears, challenges and desires. Today’s complex, digtally connected consumer universe makes brand storytelling more challenging, but also creates opportunities for brands to tell their stories in new ways.

Doug Scott and Matt Doherty discussed how the idea of TV might be a thing of the past, but the stories that drive our content will always be our constant. Our variable? Telling. Telling has evolved due to the primary role of digital in our lives and disruptive innovation which has given us the ability to craft transmedia experiences. Transmedia has brought a bought a new set of creative tools and narratives that are rooted in content, formed by context and crossed by all things culture.”

I appreciate how the authors mix storytelling for entertainment and branded storytelling into the same presentation path .  This meshes with my view of what marketing will look like in 10 years.  We’ll go from interruption to integration, from “sponsor” to “story contributor” and from a disconnected purchase path to instant commerce:  I saw it, I bought it.

The implications for marketers are huge, and also very exciting.

You can also see this presentation on

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