Death by Numbers

I like to think that I am a well rounded marketeer; able to balance creativity, technology and analytics.  I take great joy in sliding seamlessly from the big idea to the metrics but I’ve had it up to here (finger slashing across my throat) with numbers.

I have come to believe that numbers are the enemy of any good marketing plan.  They suck the life blood out of creativity, are the bamboo shoots under the fingernails of originality and are the knife in the hand of the bored boogeyman lurking at the bottom of your basement stairs.

But wait, before you judge me for these comments, please understand – I said “numbers” –  not useful insights.  And this is where I get to the point: numbers in and of themselves are nothing.  The important thing is the RIGHT number.  The right numbers can paint a picture of your audience, the right numbers are the voice of your customer, the right numbers can spark a brilliant idea and solve a complex problem.