This is “Bring Your Marketing Dinosaur to Work” Week

Sometimes you just have to bring your marketing dinosaur to work. You know, the marketer that thinks up snappy jingles, wants to buy ads in newspapers, uses the google to surf the information highway and thinks social media is a fad.

Here we are walking up to our building.
He is trying to blend-in by flashing the peace sign to the ladies and fist bumping the guys.
Fortunately, he is a very small marketing dinosaur so no one has been scared.

2014-09-29 09.26.17

Being an old-school marketer, he likes to hum commercial jingles when he enters a room.
He calls it “branding”.
We just ignore him.
He also keeps muttering something about a coffee percolator.
I show him how to use the espresso machine, then carry both of our coffees to my office. Marketing dinosaurs are not very coordinated – they find it difficult to walk and carry coffee at the same time.

2014-09-29 09.32.44

Practical Marketing – not just for small business

Last year I had the opportunity of sharing the “Practical Marketing” framework with thousands of small businesses during SBA’s Small Business week.
I developed this framework specifically for small business owners who need to grow their business, but have no time to fuss with ridiculously complex marketing principles.
I wanted to call it “The Cut-the-Crap Marketing Guide”, but our branding team didn’t think that was in alignment with our brand identity :-).
This week I was reminded (again!) of how some marketers are brilliant at obfuscating simple ideas and concepts under layers of spin and jargon in order to justify costs, pet projects or (in some cases) lack of true understanding – literally demonstrating the quote from Albert Einstein “If you can‘t explain it simply, you don‘t understand it well enough.” My thought for the week: it’s marketing, not physics – keep it simple.