This is “Bring Your Marketing Dinosaur to Work” Week

Sometimes you just have to bring your marketing dinosaur to work. You know, the marketer that thinks up snappy jingles, wants to buy ads in newspapers, uses the google to surf the information highway and thinks social media is a fad.

Here we are walking up to our building.
He is trying to blend-in by flashing the peace sign to the ladies and fist bumping the guys.
Fortunately, he is a very small marketing dinosaur so no one has been scared.

2014-09-29 09.26.17

Being an old-school marketer, he likes to hum commercial jingles when he enters a room.
He calls it “branding”.
We just ignore him.
He also keeps muttering something about a coffee percolator.
I show him how to use the espresso machine, then carry both of our coffees to my office. Marketing dinosaurs are not very coordinated – they find it difficult to walk and carry coffee at the same time.

2014-09-29 09.32.44

Transmedia Marketing – a Definition

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about transmedia marketing, and have come up with the following definition: weaving your brand or organization’s story across multiple platforms and media.

This definition resonates for 3 reasons:

“Weaving” implies a pattern, a vision of the end-result and interconnection.  Too much of marketing is conducted in silos, and focused on specific campaign objectives.  We should be focused on creating a unified, interconnected brand experience.

“Story” – if I hear (or say) “content” one more time, I will be forced to pinch someone.  “Content” is simply the components of story.  If you have no story, don’t bother creating content.  Content is not the goal, it is the vehicle.  ‘Nuff said.

“Platforms and Media” – in marketing we use terms like “channels”, “media”, “markets” yada, yada, yada depending on which marketing discipline you practice (communications, product marketing, etc…).  The term “platform and media” takes the conversation down to the digital bones and makes room for all existing and emerging marketing tools  – traditional and digital, social and static, analog and interactive.

Having the definition is useful in developing the parameters of what’s in, what’s out and where to start.

Of course, starting is the hard part 🙂